Mancino Affiliate Sales Program

Welcome to the Mancino Affiliate Sales Program! We are sure that your gym will benefit from this partnership and are pleased to work with you and your gym members. 

How it works:
Your gym will receive $20 in Mancino Money for each product sold. 

Example #1: Mary clicks the Mancino link on your site and orders one folding mat. This purchase just earned you $20 in Mancino Money! 

Example #2: John clicks the Mancino link on your site and orders 3 Folding Mats and 1 Incline. You've just earned $80 in Mancino Money! 

Getting started is easy!
Upon receipt of your affiliate information, you will receive an email with access to your account online. From there, you will have access to website banners that you can add to your website or promo materials. When choosing a banner to add to your site, please deactivate any adblocker software for that page to view the banners.

Mancino Money is tallied and forwarded every month. Terms and Conditions of Mancino Money will be included in monthly reports. 

If you need additional help to get your banner up and selling, we're happy to help. Please email Tom at tom@mancinomats.com or call 1.800.338.6287, ext. 250.