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When you need it in your gym...yesterday.

By Bailey Thomas April 10, 2018

Here at Mancino, we aim to get your gymnastics shapes, wall padding, cheerleading mats etc. to you as quickly as possible.

While we can’t keep EVERYTHING in stock, here’s a list of items that are frequently on our shelves and can be shipped to you within a few days of your order!

Fluffy Mats 6' Foam Training Beams
Back Handspring Trainers Spotting Blocks (sizes 0-4)
Tumble Trainers Trapezoids & Babyzoids
Cartwheel Mats Sting Mats
Cartwheelinators 1-3/8" Folding Mats (in select colors)
Fun Tunnels Octagons (in select colors)
Catnastics Mats Inclines (in select colors)
8' Suede Low Beams Beam Throw Mats

Didn’t see the item you were looking to purchase? We occasionally have a few other items on the shelves as well. If you are curious to see whether or not an item is currently in stock, feel free to call Bailey in customer service at 800-338-6287 ext. 200!

Choosing the MMA Mats Flooring for your Gym

By Christine Tartaglione April 3, 2018

Mancino offers multiple options for martial arts flooring – both semi-permanent & folding mats – to fit your specific need & working area. Standard sizes are 4x8’ , 5x10’ or 6x12’… custom sizes also available to fit perfectly into your space!

Option # 1:

The Mancino Martial Arts Gym Mat Series 100 is an excellent mat for throws, takedowns and grappling. The firm-top surface maintains "quick" working area while the bottom layer insures maximum rebound and shock absorption. Mat thickness is over 2" inches comprised of two premium foam grades laminated together for optimal performance and protection. The top layer is 1 - 3/8" thick 2 lb. density cross linked polyethylene. The bottom layer is 3/4" of "Aerobic Grade" 2 lb. density EVA added cross linked polyethylene.

Option # 2:

The Mancino Martial Arts Gym Mat Series 200 This deluxe mat is 2" of solid 2 lb. density cross linked polyethylene foam. It's the perfect martial arts flooring for throws, take-downs and "Peace of Mind" training.

Option # 3:

The Mancino Martial Arts Gym Mat Series 400 Mat thickness of 1 3/8" and is filled with 2 lb. density cross linked polyethylene foam. This "Traditional Martial Arts Mat" provides excellent protection at an affordable price.

Some more thoughts:

- All of our MMA mats are covered in premium 18 oz vinyl coated nylon in your choice of color

- Industrial grade "hook and loop" fastener on all four sides for easy set-up and portability. Accordion style folding 2' panels.

Option # 4:

The Mancino Series 500 Flooring Create your own semi-permanent martial arts mats flooring or MMA mats flooring with top quality Mancino components. We provide the cross-linked polyethylene foam, available in roll and sheet form. We custom manufacture a premium 18 oz. vinyl coated nylon cover to your size specifications. All edges are hemmed and have brass grommets for affixing to the frame you prepare. All vinyl seams are heat-sealed providing a one-piece, seamless work area.

If you're not sure just what MMA mats flooring best fits your needs, give us a call. We're always happy to help. We'll make sure you get the right flooring to meet your needs.

Custom Column and Corner Padding - The Mancino Difference

March 6, 2018

Mancino wall padding provides a protective layer of cushioning to help prevent serious injury from occurring when athletes collide into a hard surface, most typically walls, columns and corners. Any product that’s main purpose is for safety and protection must be manufactured with workmanship and quality in mind. That’s why at Mancino we combine the element of craftsmanship and making a top-quality product with the mentality that short-cuts are not worth the risk of putting an inferior product in the marketplace. In addition to each wall pad made, “The Mancino Difference” can be seen in every column and corner manufactured.

Every column and corner pad is custom-fabricated to a customer’s exact dimensions. To understand the importance of this, we need to explain what short cuts other manufacturers can take. The easiest and fastest way to make a corner is by making it from a constructed wall pad by cutting out the wood and foam to form a 45 degree angle and then wrapping that wall pad around a corner.

Incorrect way to create a 45 degree angle on column wall padding

At Mancino we believe a top quality corner can only be made by using a customer’s exact corner or column dimensions and prefabricating the corner here at Mancino. Every wall, column and corner pad begins with precision cutting of the OSB (oriented strand board) backer board and foam utilizing computer numerical control (CNC) automated tools. The foam is then adhered to the backer board with spray adhesive and pieces nailed together to form a right angle corner.

fabrication of 45 degree angle in column padding

The process creates a strong and structurally stable corner that is ready to be covered with impact-rated 16oz vinyl. Since the cover is custom-fitted to the corner and not stretched around the corner, there is no stress point created.

fabricating corners for wall padding

Workmanship in creating corners extends to even how the vinyl is uniquely covered at the corner providing aesthetic appeal and longevity.

The end result is custom prefabricated corner that is made to a customer’s exact dimensions that will have a longer life and better impact and abrasion resistance. Visit www.mancinomats.com/wallpadding to see the full spectrum of products available and experience the Mancino Difference!