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May 2018

An easy way to promote your gym

By Mancino Digital Media May 22, 2018

So you’ve got your logo and business plan, or already have an established cheer or gymnastics gym that you want to take to the next level. With the online presence of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, your gym could be featured in plenty of images and mentions throughout the internet.

A shout-out, "@mention or #hashtag by the poster is great, but those images can get lost in the endless scroll. Mancino offers branding opportunities on your equipment that will help your gym get noticed in those videos and pictures!

Down on the floor, up on the walls.

Open wall space is a perfect spot to showcase large logo graphics that can be seen from anywhere in your gym. Mancino hedges offer a great way to separate classes and stations and can double as a brand billboard!

future gymnastics academy wall padding near in-ground pit

prodigy all-stars cheer gym wall padding

gold medal gymnastics hedge mat

Mancino has the capability to print your logo directly onto our vinyl! We utilize a 5-color UV printer that has the ability to print a layer of white down first, then apply the 4 color CMYK process on top of that white. This creates a bright, beautiful logo on any color vinyl! If you have a logo that warrants the impact that a 4 color logo would offer on a mat, this is the way to go!

Berks East Gymnastics graphic wall padding

Tigar gymnastics wall padding

Mancino makes it easier than ever to get your logo on your item! We’ve introduced and “Add your Logo” option during checkout on our website! Upload your logo in the correct format (.ai or pdf vector with text converted to outlines) and that’s it! A small upcharge fee is added and we’ll contact you with any questions or placement queries we might have. We’ve included many of our popular mats and training shapes to the list like folding gym mats, octagons, inclines, tumble trainers and handspring machines!

You've worked hard to get your gym to where it is! Show off your gym spirit and get creative with us!

Inside the Park - Mancino & the Phillies

By Mancino Digital Media May 15, 2018

philadelphia phillies opening day with american flag

Mancino was excited when the Philadelphia Phillies contacted them to replace their stadium padding at Citizens Bank Park. Being a Philadelphia-area company and with many employees here from the city, working with local sports teams is extra special. To outfit the entire field required some extensive R&D and collaboration with the Phillies to determine the best padding to protect our favorite baseball team. The Phillies requested we use a special emerald green material to match past seasons.

Printing and lots of it.

Padding was only half of the task at hand. Outfield padding at any stadium is prime real estate to advertise and that meant extensive printing on the outdoor material. We used the same fabric as the emerald green but in white and printed padded walls for W.B. Mason, Xfinity, Sherwin Williams and State Farm. For durability purposes, the padding that called for a black background was printed on the same material but in black. This required a special 5-color process that puts down an opaque layer of white ink, UV-cured, then a four color process on top to create the colors needed for NovaCare and Giant Food Stores. Another area that needed special attention was the Toyota bullpen. This required a lot of printing and color-matching as the entire bullpen is Toyota red. The doors and the padding that surrounds the bullpen area was printed red on white material.

philadelphia phillies outfield wall padding by mancino

black stadium padding at phillies stadium philadelphia by mancino

Seeing White.

Do you know why the white parts of the graphics on the pads like the text for Xfinity or Sherwin Williams is a shade of gray? Interestingly enough, we were required by the MLB to print all white areas as a shade of gray. The reasoning here is so the umpires and batters can see the ball better. The white baseball against a white background would be difficult to pick up on camera as well!

wall padding outfield at citizens bank park phillies

Welcome to the Yard.

New this year to Citizens Bank Park was the newest family attraction – the Yard. This complex is on the outskirts of right field and includes a rock-climbing wall, a hot dog launcher target game, pitch counters and a wiffle ball field! Of course the field was built to match the main field, and that meant more printing. We shrunk down the graphics and outfield distance numbers to mimic the field and the results didn’t disappoint. Another fun aspect of the Yard are the pitch speed games. We printed out Phillie Phanatics to be the catchers and created padding and a catcher's glove to protect them!

the Yard at citizens bank park wiffle ball field

the Yard at phillies stadium artist rendering

the yard at citizens bank park at night wiffle ball field

Off the Wall.

Moving forward, Mancino will be keeping the pads in tip-top shape and in some cases, replacing the pads entirely. A recent example was when the Phillies centerfielder, Odubel Herrera make a great catch but also “cleated” the wall pad to get his footing. We’re happy to help when great plays like that are made!

Ensuring Athletes Safety Through Outstanding Product Quality Since 1966! Great grab @odubel_herrera! @phillies #phillies #mancinomats #mancinowallpadding
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The most important skill kids learn from gymnastics

By Mancino Digital Media May 8, 2018

Adapted from a previous blog written for mancinomats.com by Linda Thorberg and Brant Lutska of FLIPPING EDUCATION.

Have you heard the question, at preschools and toddler gymnastics "Are they just playing in there?" It's our job as coaches to help parents understand the importance of teaching children the way they learn best, through play. It’s proven that athletics improve self-esteem while creating healthy habits while developing social and life skills.

In order to teach gymnastics skills to young children they must first be able to do fundamental movement skills and be comfortable with their body in space. When they know how to put their bodies into shapes and can move in different positions, we can teach basic gymnastics skills. The plus side of gymnastics programs is that when children are allowed to physically move to learn concepts they are also learning skills that help them read, write, and understand the meaning of words and sequences. Here are just a few examples of things we can do in class and reasons to share with parents.


When acted out physically such as; over under, around, through, beside, and near, help children understand the words through active involvement.


When children create shapes with their bodies to make letters, they are reinforcing letter identification for reading.


Clapping or making a movement rhythm (stomp, jump, slide, etc.) to a word or song helps children with the rhythm of reading.


Using action words in class, (jump, quick, slow) helps them understand the meaning of words with their bodies and their minds.


When children combine two or three skills together, they have to remember what comes next. This is like linking words together to make a sentence. When children are learning by doing, they are more likely to retain what they have done!

Nothing is better than seeing our children happy, proud & confident. From building fine motor skills to improving flexibility, to learning retention, gymnastics is a wonderful way for our youngsters to showcase their talentHelp parents realize that coming to gymnastics class helps children learn with their bodies and their minds for "Life Skills" beyond the gym!

Want your gym mats to last? Don't do this!

By Tom Bair May 1, 2018

Your safety mats and padding are a significant investment in your gymnastics or cheer gym. They provide your athletes with safety, confidence, and success. Skill cushions, progressive skill builders, inclines and other shapes are all used heavily at most gyms and see the most “wear and tear”. Constantly replacing these mats can get expensive and most gym want to get the most out of every mat. Here are some quick tips to help prolong your investments!

Don’t drag

Dragging a mat can cause the vinyl to wear much faster. It also puts unneeded stress on the handles and seams. Using 2 or more people to move the mat is the best way to help keep the mat healthy. Dragging mats can sometimes be inevitable and doing so can get them dirty. Follow the steps here to clean and disinfect your mats to keep them spotless and sanitized!

Unnecessary Folding

If a mat is non-folding, avoid folding it. This can cause the foam to break which interns makes the mat unsafe. It also puts stress on the vinyl since there are no hinges.

Avoid Pits!

Avoid using skill cushions shouldn't be used in free foam pits. i.This speeds up the breakdown of the foam. Sting mats and 4” skill cushions can cause injury to athletes in free-foam. (during twisting)

Improper use!

Using a mat from which it was intended can be a real danger. Safety mats are not toys. Don’t use mats in unconventional ways that can damage the foam, vinyl or seams.

Repurposing mats for training different skills is perfect; however make sure the mats aren’t being abused or put in a position that can cause damage. Following the steps will keep your mats looking great and in great shape for years to come!