Introducing The Shannon Miller Collection, By Mancino!

Published at Oct 27, 2016

Olympian Shannon Miller teams with Mancino to develop her product line with a purpose-"Training Tomorrow’s Legends".

The Magnificent Seven Won Team Gold at the 1996 Olympics

Shannon Miller. Two Time Olympian. Seven Olympic Medals. Four Time World Championship team member. Nine World Medals. America’s Most Decorated Gymnast. For the last 3 decades, gymnasts and coaches alike aspire to achieve what Shannon did. In the 20 years since Shannon and the Magnificent Seven struck gold in Atlanta, the gymnast has made a name for herself through her Lifestyle brands and kept herself relevant in a sport where the guard changes every four years.

Shannon has started her own line of gymnastics mats with Mancino Manufacturing! The line includes six custom pieces, designed by Shannon, made with the Mancino quality that customers love and trust! The signature line has custom orange and white pieces, which includes equipment for all events! The line was even described by Gymcastic (the Official Gymnastics Podcast) as “beautiful” and “belonging in a posh hotel” (embed episode 168-minute 59).

The collection consists of 6 gym essentials: A Yurchenko vault training mat, a set of bar pads, a no slip beam throw and wrap, as well as a small sting mat and spotting block.

The Yurchenko vault trainer is a new age favorite with coaches and gymnasts.

Where one of the biggest problems with learning a Yurchenko (and fear of gymnasts…let’s be honest) is going crooked and missing the spring board. This can be caused by rushing the roundoff and going around the side. This new type of hand mat forces gymnasts to put their hands in a straight line (that usually gets drawn on the hand mat anyway), which is awesome!  It’s great for beginners just learning cartwheels.

Gymnasts using Shannon Miller Vault Trainer Hand Mat

And can even be put onto the vault runway the same way a traditional hand mat is.

The Shannon Miller bar pads are a new spin on an old gymnast favorite. They were one of the first products that Shannon wanted in her “Training Tomorrow’s Legends” Collection. After all, when you need to get fearless on the Uneven Bars – you need to make sure you have a little extra padding to help build your confidence. The bar pads are great for training all sorts of release moves and dismounts on uneven bars, high bar, and parallel bars. They take away some of the fear, and soften the blow of hitting the bar (because, well, let’s be honest, that happens more frequently than any gymnast wants.

Gymnast Swings on Bars While Using Bar Pads and Shannon Give Coaching Cues
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

So often, beam pads are more a burden than a help. Often they’re bulky, slippery, and cause more fear than they eliminate. Not these two pieces. The beam safety wrap does not add much bulk to the beam at all! With only an inch or so of padding, gymnasts do not lose the sense of the beam when strapping this mat on and the straps make sure it does not budge one bit! This makes it perfect for learning new jumps and acro skills.

Shannon Miller Coaches Gymnast Doing a Backhandspring on Beam Using Her Beam Pad
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

The Shannon Miller beam throw is a perfect mat to keep your beam feet feeling great all season long. Its soft, like a Mancino sting mat, but still thin enough to grab and grip the beam below it! Gymnasts can get more reps of their skills done in a practice without the normal wear and tear their bodies normally feel. Think about a confidence booster that would be! Also, the back side is an awesome no slip material, which means it won’t side off the beam!

Shannon Coaches a Gymnast Doing a Back Tuck on Beam While Using The Shannon Miller Collection Beam Throw
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

And if you’re lucky enough to win a Mancino Mats contest, you could even get Shannon to personally sign one for you!

Shannon Miller Taking the Time Out Of Her Busy Schedule to Sign Mancino Beam Throw
Shannon Miller Taking the Time Out Of Her Busy Schedule to Sign Mancino Beam Throw

The Mini Sting Mat is the perfect size for tumbling take-offs, throwing over a bar for release moves, or any other side station you can think of! And who doesn’t ever need another block! The Mancino quality make it perfect for spotting (perfect height for bars and beam!) and its small size is great for conditioning and drill stations-and it isn’t a pain to lug around the gym!

Shannon Miller Spots Cast Handstand On Her Spotting Block
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

With her “Training Tomorrow’s Legends” collection by Mancino Mats, Shannon Miller is leaving her mark on another generation of America’s gymnasts.

Shannon Miller with Bobby, Rebecca, and Bob Mancino at the Mancino Booth at 2015 USAG National Congress
Shannon Miller with Bobby, Rebecca, and Bob Mancino at the Mancino Booth at 2015 USAG National Congress

We love you Shannon!


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