Groveland Elementary

Published at Oct 12, 2017 | Posted by Mancino Digital Media
Groveland Elementary of Doylestown, PA gave us some creative license with their safety padding in their revamped gym.

Gymnasium Wall Padding

With a brand new gymnasium floor recently installed, Mancino was tasked with sprucing up Groveland Elementary's wall, stage and column padding. We drew a lot of inspiration from their great logo and color scheme and wanted to show them off as best as possible. Mancino loved the idea of incorporating the pine trees that are prevalent. The design team included dark shades of the trees to just be pronounced enough for a unique look.

Keeping with the bright golds and deep purples of the wall padding, the stage padding focused on the Mascot and included paw print shadows. The gym also included column padding that really stands out!

Thank you Groveland Elementary School for the opportunity to outfit your gym!

groveland elementary school gym wall padding by mancino

mancino stage padding for groveland elementary

stage padding with graphics by mancino manufacturing

post and column padding by mancino

removable stage padding attaching system