Walk-through metal detector covers now available!

Published at Mar 31, 2017
Looking for information and specs on protecting your outdoor permanent metal detectors? Mancino has the cost-effective and weatherproof solution!

Protect Your Magnetometer Investment with Metal Detector Covers by Mancino Manufacturing!

Efforts to improve fan safety at major sporting events have resulted in new public safety measures being implemented.  Three professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB and NHL) have mandated the use of walk-through metal detectors (also known as magnetometers or mags) to enhance security at sports stadiums and arenas they oversee.[1] Permanent outdoor walk-through metal detectors (WTMDs) that are installed at stadium gates are subject to the weather elements and should be protected during periods of inactivity in order to enhance the life of the product.  Metal detector covers manufactured by Mancino Manufacturing are just the ticket!

WTMD covers manufactured by Mancino are designed to protect permanently installed outdoor metal detectors during periods of inactivity.  Exposure to harsh weather elements including the sun’s UV rays, humidity, rain, snow, ice, dust, etc. can increase the need for maintenance over time.  Mancino covers are manufactured using 18.5 oz. vinyl-coated polyester that is specially treated to be bacteria, mildew and UV resistant.  These protective covers are specially designed for ease of use and come in a multitude of colors to match any theme and can include graphics. 

Mancino’s protective covers are designed with air vents allowing for the material to be breathable.  Grommet holes on the bottom of the covers enable them to be secured.  Hook & loop fastener connection up and down the height of the cover enable easy access to the magnetometer without having to remove the entire cover. When not in use, Mancino metal detector covers are easy to remove and fold for storage.

Mancino Manufacturing Walk-Through Metal Detector covers are available now for introductory price of $179 each.  Contact Sherry Everett, Product Manager at Mancino Manufacturing at christine@mancinomats.com or 1-800-338-6287 ext. 233 for more information and volume discounts that are available.


[1] http://ccicada.org/2016/05/18/how-to-protect-large-gatherings-from-paris-style-terrorist-attacks-is-focus-of-ccicada-workshop-at-metlife-stadium/