Enhance School Spirit through Wall Padding Graphics Imagery!

Published at Nov 17, 2016
The installation of wall padding is critical for ensuring the safety of students and athletes in gymnasium settings but can also have the dual purpose of enhancing school spirit.

Whether it be at the elementary, middle, or high school level, the gymnasium is a place where physical education (PE) classes occur and afterschool sports such as basketball and volleyball are played. It is where pep rallies are held and a place where guest speakers address a large student body. The gymnasium, even at the College and University level, is a multipurpose room where school spirit shines through. Including graphic imagery on wall padding is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance that school spirit.

Wall padding offers a unique way to combine form and function. While protecting students and athletes from serious injury, wall pads are a convenient way to enhance a gym’s appearance. Graphic enhancements can be as simple as using a unique font style or typeface to write the name of the school. Adding a spirit statement in the form of “Go Mascot” under the name of the school gives it that extra appeal. Alternating panel colors and/or covering corners, columns and I-beams with a different color than the main wall helps to add chromatic variety to a large athletic facility.

voorhees vikings new jersey gymnasium wall padding by mancino

Gym buffer or safety zones consist of long walls of protective wall padding that lend themselves particularly well to graphic enhancement. School spirit really shines through when an entire gym wall showcases photographic imagery consisting of a school’s logo and other graphics – thus turning an entire gym wall into a cushioned mural. So whether you are constructing a new facility or giving a face-lift to a current gym setting, the addition of graphic wall padding panels is a great way to provide the necessary element of safety to your school and for your School’s true Team Spirit to show through!

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