Firewall 800 Series

This is a medium firm panel that utilizes a 2” thick, 5.5 lb density low smoke polychloroprene latex compound foam filler. It is ASTM E84 Class A fire rated. Available in 2′ x 5′, 2′ x 6′ and 2′ x 7′ standard sizes.

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110-8 Fixed Wall padding

Available in 3 standard sizes.

24″W x 60″H
24″W x 72″H
24″W x 84″H

All dimensions can be customized to your specifications. You may choose from a range of installation methods listed.

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A. Basis-of-Design Product: Subject to compliance with requirements. Provide Mancino Manufacturing Company model 110-8X X.

B. Padded wall wainscot panels designed to be attached in a continuous row; each panel consist of foam filler laminated to OSB wood backing and covered with Class “A” Flame retardant vinyl coated polyester on full surface, sides, ends, and including all wood edges, vinyl is securely stapled to the back of the OSB backer board.



    1. 1. Backer Board: Not less than 7/16-inch- (11-mm-) SFI® Certified Responsible Urea Formaldehyde Free recycled composite wood backer board. This portion of the product contributes toward satisfying Credit IEQ 4.4 under LEED


    1. 2. Foam Filler: Not less than 2-inch- (50.8-mm-) thick, Low Smoke Polychloroprene compound foam filler with a density of 6-lb/ ft3. (96-kg/ m3). Achieves Class “A” fire rating under ASTM E-84, with a “smoke developed” index of 450 or less and a “flame spread” index of 25 or less.


    1. 3. Vinyl Covering: 14-oz. / yd2 (474-g/ m2) Vinyl Coated Polyester – puncture and tear-resistant. CPSC CPSIA – 6P and lead compliant. Phthalates less than .1% and Lead less than 100 ppm. Achieving NFPA-701 CSFM, and a Class “A” fire rating under ASTM E-84, with a “smoke developed” index of 450 or less and a “flame spread” index of 25 or less. UV and Anti-Mildew treated.



C. Sizing: Standard size panels are 24 inches (60.9 cm) wide x ___ inches high (specify panel height) panel section or as indicated on Drawings.

D. Color(s) of vinyl to be selected from manufactures standard color packet

E. Composite Testing: Manufacturer must warrant that a composite panel built with similar materials was tested and achieves an overall Class “A” fire rating under ASTM Standard E-84, with a “smoke developed” index of 450 or less and a “flame spread” index of 25 or less.

F. Corner and Column Pads: Pre-Fabricated / Field Fabricated corner and column pads to be built with materials consistent with standard padding specifications as listed above.

G. Installation: Select one of three primary options below. Comply with manufacturers written instructions, Refer to Architects elevation drawings for panel placement. Mount panels no more than 4” above finished floor as recommended in in ASTM, unless otherwise directed. Install wall padding after painting and electrical have been completed use proper wall anchor hardware.



    1. 1. Panels to be supplied with a 1-inch- nail margin top and bottom and mounted directly to wall surface.


    1. 2. Panels to be supplied with a no nail margins and to be hung on concealed Aluminum “Z” track supplied by the wall pad manufacturer.


    1. 3. Panels to be supplied with a no nail margins and to be mounted to concealed 1-inch- x 3-inch- fir stripping that is attached in 3 continuous horizontal rows to the wall. In which the exposed tops and sides of fir are covered in a matching vinyl. Panels are affixed to the stripping using a toenail method of nailing.



H. Adjusting:



      1. 1. Final adjustment of panels to insure a smooth finished appearance


      1. 2. Clean and remove any debris from the working area


      1. 3. Spot clean panels as may be necessary


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