48″ Floor Bar & Pirouette Trainer Mat Set

Mancino has combined both our 4′ floor bar and Pirouette Trainer mat as a set! Practice together to learn bar techniques and get the extra spot your gymnasts need to pull off spins and turns!


Pirouette Trainer Mat & Mancino 48″ Floor Bar Combo

Watch our pirouette training video under the Training tab!

Pirouette Trainer Mat (purchase it individually here)


    • 7″H mat with center strip aids gymnasts while learning pirouettes on a 7″ floor bar


    • Half-circle not nearest the bar allows for proper grip placement



    • Chris Zimmerman original design


    • 25″L x 13″W x 7″H


Mancino Floor Bar
(purchase it individually here)

This 4’ (48″) long 7” high graphite rail provides a great training station for athletes of all ages and abilities.
Use the bar to safely perform:

    • squat-ons
    • handstands
    • pirouettes
    • half-turns
    • push ups
    • tricep dips


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