Ninja Warrior Slanted Steps – 4 Pack

Mancino Ninja Warrior Slanted Steps are a necessity to all Ninja Warrior programs. These slanted steps secure firmly to carpet-bonded form and can be spaced out accordingly for different age groups. These Ninja Warrior Slanted Steps are a great way to help with coordination and balance for all ages.


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Mancino Ninja Warrior Slanted Steps

Sold individually or in sets of 4


The Ninja Warrior Fitness Slanted Steps mats are as tough as your warriors! These inclines are made from the highest grade foam Mancino has ever used! Contoured and designed for max performance these “foam only” dash steps will test your warriors balance, agility and mental toughness! Battled tested and ready for your gym, don’t walk to get these….Dash!

24″W x 28″H x 28″L each


There are 3 main methods to running the slanted steps:

The single step (the athlete uses a single foot to propel from angle to angle.)

The double step (the athlete takes two steps on each angle setting up the next leap)

The grab (if the angles are farther apart the athlete may jump and grab the backside to regain balance.)


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