The Spartan Rig

The Spartan Rig is the mightiest of them all! The Spartan Rig offers 4 bays for obstacle and plenty of space for side mounted obstacles. The Spartan comes with everything you need to run the best Warrior program anyone has ever seen! The Spartan Rig will help challenge your Warriors while teaching them discipline, obedience, and courage! For the ultimate fun in Warrior training, the Spartan Rig will not let you down.

No Retreat, No Surrender!

Additional obstacles sold separately. 

Standard Colors: Grey Steel: Red Accent Steel: Black Base Mats and Blocks: Red Pilaster Wraps

Please call for custom color options and branding graphic options.

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Space Needed 14’ x 21’

1: WF 6’x20’ Rig

1: WF 6’x20′ Side Add on

1: MMC WF Start Block (24”x 68”x24”)

4: MMC WF Transition Blocks (24”x68”x16”)

10: MMC WF Flexible Pilaster Wraps 72” H

2: MMC WF Rig 8” Matting 84”x124” with corner cutouts V4

2: MMC WF Rig 8” Matting 132″ x74” with corner cutouts V4

2: Obsticle Cross Supports (additional

1: WF Levitating Poles (3pk)

1: WF Cheese Walls (3pk)

1: Warrior Cargo Net

1: Ring and Peg Bar

1: Climbing Cube

1: Devil’s Ladder

2: Hanging Platform

1: Unstable Balance Beams (2 pack)

1: Soaring Rail Trainer

1: WF Rock Wall

1: WF Angle Dash set (4pk)

1: WF Barrier

1: WF River Rock (4pk)

1: WF River Log

1: WF Firm incline

1: WF Axle

1: 22’ Flexi 6’x22’