Cheer Equipment

Mancino’s wide range of cheerleading mats, cheerleading stunt mats, handspring trainers, and incline mats take your team’s spirit to a whole new level. Not to mention that our cheer spring floors, Tumbl Traks, and training equipment provide a safe foundation for each one of your athletes, from lower levels and pee-wees through senior all-stars and collegiate co-ed teams. Mancino pads and protects your team through all phases of conditioning and competition.


Want to boost show-stopping spirit for your gym? Want to really make your space pop? Want your brand front and center in every coach and athlete’s social media posts? Upload your team or gym logo when adding items to your cart to brand your equipment and show off your pride!

Our flooring systems, Tumbl Traks, Air Traks, and pit systems build the skills your athletes need to develop dazzling, competition-worthy tumbling passes. Mancino Skill Cushions, Fluffies, and safety landing pits provide extra safe landings when developing new skills and challenging stunt work. And classic Mancino-quality folding mats are a building block towards endless opportunities for creativity in exploring drills that improve strength, flexibility, teamwork and more! We’ve got the skills, experience, and industry know-how to outfit your cheer teams’ programs with top quality, USA-made equipment.