Stunt Mats

The Mancino lineup of stunt mats, martial arts and MMA mats, CrossFit mats, and law enforcement training mats create safe landings for some of the most physically demanding jobs there are. Our collection of equipment provides that extra safety factor, the extra something that is needed for your athletes and performers to get up and do it again; drill after drill, take after take. Mancino combines strength and comfort.

We design and manufacture mats from 2-3/8″ through 32″ in thickness to outfit any athlete, stuntperson, CrossFitter, officer or fighter in any discipline and a variety of industry settings. Needless to say, there is a lot demanded of high-intensity professionals, so, too, a lot should be demanded of the equipment and mats that keep them safe and working. Mancino delivers on those demands with the strength and tenacity of the athletes and performers who love our equipment.

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Mancino is the industry standard

Our industry standard martial arts mats, tactical training mats and stunt suitcase mats are tough enough for use by any athlete performing regular controlled falls or stunts, and they’re soft enough to accommodate talent looking for a little more cushion.