Folding Mats

Owing to its versatility, folding mats are one of the most common gymnastics mats. Perfect for beginners and intermediate gymnasts, they work well for tumbling, stretching, and drills. Mancino folding mats are available in a number of sizes, thicknesses, and colors. You can use them individually or attach them with hook and loop tape to create a padded surface that meets your needs.They can be used in martial arts studios, dance clubs, fitness clubs or even at home. Key features of a Mancino folding mat are compact storage and portability. When you’re not using a folding mat, you can easily fold them up and store them out of the way. We suggest stacking them to take up even less space.

Why Mancino Folding Mats?

Standard 1-3/8″ Cross-Linked: The most popular mat used in gymnastics, cheer, and martial arts schools today! Firm protection at an affordable price.

Impact 2″ Cross-Linked: Perfect for larger, heavier gymnasts and cheer groups where extra thickness means extra shock absorption and durability.

Premier 2-1/8″ Comb-Foam: Our best performer for maximum spring and shock absorption over the entire life of the mat. The foam combination makes the difference.

Educator 2-3/8″ Combo: Thicker with 1” softer top surface to protect preschoolers’ knees, elbows, and bottoms! Also great for gymnasts learning new skills and special needs settings.

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