Gymnastics Chalk Bulk

Mancino Premium Gym chalk bulk is made in Taiwan and perfect for gymnastics, weightlifting, rock climbing and CrossFit. You can buy bulk gym chalk anytime as it’s always in stock and ready to ship in 24 lb cases. Mancino donates 10% of all gymnastics chalk sales to Unite For Her – a charity that helps women navigate their way through breast cancer treatment and therapies.


Gymn Chalk Bulk

Mancino offers premium grip gymnastcis chalk bulk for your athletes! Chalk keeps your hands dry and free of moisture and oils and allows maximum contact and friction with the athlete’s apparatus.

With every purchase of a bulk gymnastics chalk, we will make a donation of 10% to support Unite for Her in their fight against breast cancer. Help support this extraordinary cause today!

    • Professional-grade Magnesium Carbonate
    • 8 each 2 oz blocks packed in 1lb. Boxes and sold in a 24 lb. case
    • Made in Taiwan
    • Perfect application for many sports and activities listed below

Gymnastics: uneven bar training, horizontal bar training, parallel bar training, pommel horse, men’s rings, vault entry, balance beam, stall bars and quad bars
Weightlifting, power lifting and bodybuilding: deadlifts, pullups, farmers carries, inverted rows, kettlebell swings and cleans
CrossFit: pullups, deadlifts, powew snatches, kettebell work
Rock Climbing: perfect uses to keep your hands dry when scaling and gripping indoor or outdoor obstacles

How to apply gymnastics chalk: grab the edge of a chalk block and lightly apply it to each finger from the tip and then across the palm. Gently clap your hands and then rub your hands to disperse.

Mancino also has a great system to free your mats and equipment from stubborn chalk! Cleaning and sanitizing your mats during flu season keeps your athletes out of harm’s way!

infographic how to clean and sanitize gym mats and flooring

LEAD TIME: Mancino standard lead time for all non-stock items is 8-10 weeks. In-stock items ship within 3-7 business days. Please call 1-800-338-6287 or email for the most up-to-date lead time, product availability, special requests or expedited shipping options.

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