Mancino Cheer Hedge Mats

Hedge mats help divide floor areas during practice. Keep athletes separated or use to section off viewing areas. Hedge mats Velcro to Carpet Bonded foam and come in multiple colors, patterns, and custom printing available.

From: $320.00

Mancino Cheer hedge divider mats

Keep the big kids from the little kids, keep the rec class from the birthday party! Mancino hedge mats are the perfect partitions to keep your areas separate! Digitally-printed hedges on both sides adding a theme or a pop of color to your cheer gym.

Perfect for Games and Circuits!

Premium Mancino foam construction and product design for multiple uses in your program.

26″ high x 6″ wide x 60″ long. With hook & loop fasteners to grab your carpet for stability.

When selecting a solid hedge mat, choose your favorite color from among our 16 premium types of vinyl in the swatch section!

When selecting a printed hedge mat, no need to select a color swatch.

*Mancino hedges are not meant to be sat on or otherwise used as a platform or step. 

LEAD TIME: Our standard lead time for all non-stock items is 8-10 weeks. In-stock items ship within 3-5 business days. Please call 1-800-338-6287 or email for the most up-to-date lead time, product availability, special requests or expedited shipping options.

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