Preschool Incline Mats

Mancino Inclines are one of the most functional and versatile Progressive Skill Builders in your facility. The perfect tool for teaching confidence, reinforcing good technique, building proper execution of a skill. Built with tough use in mind, Mancino uses the right foam to ensure longevity.

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From: $215.00

Inclines / Wedge mats / “Cheese” mats

Our incline mat is the most functional and versatile Progressive Skill Builders for your gymnastics program. They’re meant for gymnasts practicing rolls, log rolls, and walkovers. Our mats come with inclines at multiple heights. Used from Mommy and Me classes, to Rec, to the Elite athletes training for international competition. Incline mats are also used on virtually every event. Uphill vaulting, transition training on bars, basic tumbling on floor, and conditioning are only a few of their uses. Please visit the Mancino Training Ideas tab for more examples of how coaches use these essential pieces as training aids in their gyms.


PSB-24 – 24″W x 48″L x 14″H
PSB-36 – 36″W x 72″L x 16″H
PSB-48 – 48″W x 72″L x 16″H
PSB-48LX – 48″W x 84″L x 18″H (Extra long surface at 48″W)
PSB-60 – 60″W x 84″L x 18″H

1 Solid Color (color 1 & 2 match) OR
2 Contrasting Colors (color 1 & 2 vary)

Also available in camo pattern print with hook & loop tape fasteners to secure it to your carpeted floor! Purchase it here.


Mancino Incline Mat Training Tips

    • Recreational Classes:
        • Teach forward and backward rolls on any sized cheese wedge mat. Useful for regular tucked rolls, pike rolls, rolls to push up, and back extension rolls


    • Compulsory Levels:
        • Mancino incline mats are great for bridge kick overs, handstand bridge kick overs, and walkovers, giving your students that extra little bit of down-hill momentum.


        • Inclines offer a good first step for your students performing front and back handsprings by themselves for the first time. Going down the incline will give an extra boost of confidence to your gymnast before they are asked to handspring on the flat surface of the floor.


        • Inclines give gymnasts a great start to learning optional level vaults with the countless incline mat vaulting drills!



    • Optional Levels:
        • Useful for many drills for body shaping and learning skills for all events




Show off your gym spirit with branded equipment!

Select the “Add Your Logo” option under the color selector! View detail image in photos above for logo placements.


$75 for your logo on both sides of your selected Mancino Incline mat!


Art Requirements: File types: .AI, .PDF (vector) ONLY. All fonts must be converted to outlines and colors converted to CMYK. Mancino reserves the right to add a design upcharge if the logo does not meet art requirements specified. Mancino will provide a .pdf file rendition for your approval and it will be sent to the email address used on the account. Extra design work or revisions is subject to a design upcharge. Mancino uses a 4 color + white UV digital ink printer which allows us to print your logo on any color vinyl. If your logo is designed for a white or lighter color background, please send the file in the correct color scheme for the vinyl color you are choosing. Please note that “Vinyl Color 2” in the color selector indicates the color of vinyl the logo will be applied. Logo sizes shown are estimated and the designer will place your logo as large as possible within the parameters unless otherwise noted. Contact the Mancino art department at for inquires.



What is your most creative non-preschool use for a Mancino 24″ x 48″ Incline?


1) Winners! Ricochets Gymnastics, Hatboro, PA


2) Kelly F from Rock Starz, Newtown, PA

“KnockDown!” Stand it vertically and athletes (from standing, power hurdle or run) kick to handstand trying to knock it over and land on it “flat back”; working on heel drive and shoulder block for front handsprings. You can stand it up infront of the pit for a fun, softer landing. Many athletes learn how to drive the first leg but then struggle snapping the leg together at the top of the shoulder block, this drill forces them to drive with both legs. Once this drill is mastered then lay the incline flat and (from a stand, power hurdle or run) place hands on floor infront of incline as they drive legs together and block to flatback. You can use the same concept for vault and stand the incline up on a resi for your beginne handspring flat backs to help focus on heel drive instead of “rolling” through the skill. Then once that skill has been mastered then lay it flat and hands hit in front of incline to block and land flat back on it. As always spot your athletes for safety and body poisiton correction.


3) Jayne M. from Bright Stars, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

We turn ours into a body slide! We fold a parachute on top of the cheese mat and the kids run and slide down on their stomachs. It’s loads of fun and they always have big smiles on their faces and beg to get more turns!

4) Melanie C. from Apex Gymnastics, Leesburg, VA
We put our Mancino incline with the low ends facing each other – using two, to do hyper splits with the gymnasts body in the center and one leg going up the incline in the front and back. Also, laying on your stomach and then pushing up to a hollow plank or on your back and pushing up to an arch position…


5) Doug N. from Apex Gymnastics, Leesburg, VA
We use it for our special needs kids – they use it to roll balls down to do a bowling game. They don’t have the motor control to throw a ball “bowling style” but they can aim and push it down the incline into the pins set up at the bottom of the incline


6) Terry P. of Aspire Kids Sports Center, Chandler, AZ
I use it for teaching bails on P-Bars. I set the mat standing upright on the outside of the poles on one end of the P-Bars. The gymnast then gets into a front support on the ends of the bars and pushes off the mat, swinging to horizontal, then extends away from the mat and bails to a crash into the mat. The boys love it.

7) Brian C. of Leaps-N-Bounders Gymnastics, Trevose, PA
With the high end of the incline placed flush with the end of a low beam, have the student practice back handsprings. The student stands on the end of the beam and does back handsprings traveling down incline. This is great to get student to practice jumping off the beam into a skill. This is also a great way to begin working on connecting two skills… having student do first skill completely ON the beam (handstand, back walkover, etc.), landing at the end and pushing immediately into the next skill traveling down the incline.

8) Rick B. of Mountain West Gymnastics, Boise, ID

We use ours for a training drill for Yurchencko vault by placing it between the vault and porta pit landing. The gymnast must block off the table and clear the incline with the right body shape. The goal is not to touch the incline mat.

9) Jennifer P. of Giant Gymnastics, Inc, Hackettstown, NJ

We play a game with the kids where they throw out as many pit blocks onto the floor as they can and then they have to “scoop” the blocks back into the pit using the incline!

10) Tammy M. of Glen Falls YMCA, Glen Falls, NY
1. Stand on end & handstand pop, fall with mat to flat back
2. Going across floor ex mat- Yurchenko drill (going up hill- ro before mat, ff to hands on top of hill)
3. Lead foot on top of hill (going down hill) cartwheel down hill (also cartwheel up hill)
4. Put behind vault as a visual for lift and follow through of yurchenko & tsuks
5. Floor bar at bottom of mat with back to mat. Push up shape with hands on floor bar, squat on floor bar and pull with arms, push with feet to sit on mat (hands and feet still on bar)
6. Handstand forward roll (uphill) to sit at edge of mat.
7. Sit on feet at top of hill (kneel, facing top of hill). swing & stop arms, opening hips and ‘jumping’ off chins to land on shoulders in candlestick (rotation drill).

Honorable Mentions

Chris Z. of Ricochets Gymnastics, Hatboro, PA

Mike V. of Berks East Gymnastics, Parker Ford, PA
This is a bail to handstand drill. The mat gives them a visual cue as to where their toes should go, as well as teaching them with instant feedback if they released too soon.

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