Vault Runways

Make Running down the runway a little easier on your athletes feet with Mancino’s Padded Vault Runway. With the carpeted top it is perfect to pair with Mancino’s velcro Vault Runway Measuring Tape. Size is 1-3/8″ thick x 3’W x 82’L.

From: $885.00

Padded Vault Runways

Premium Crosslinked polyethylene foam is bonded to 26oz Needle Punched carpet for ultimate performance and wear.

Colors: Blue, Red, Grey, Purple, Black

Total Size:1-3/8″ x 3′ x 84′


**Please be advised that color variations exist when ordering carpeted floor rolls at different times. Mancino cannot guarantee color “matching” due to manufacturers’ lot differences and carpet fiber variations.**

LEAD TIME: Our standard lead time for all non-stock items is 8-10 weeks. In-stock items ship within 3-7 business days. Please call 1-800-338-6287 or email for the most up-to-date lead time, product availability, special requests or expedited shipping options.

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