Fluffy Martial Arts Mats

Mancino fluffy mats are the perfect training tool for pre-school athletes. Perfect for under bars and beams where “accidental falls” can happen. Constructed of top-quality foam and our exclusive denim, ensure your little ones safety and success with Fluffy!

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Fluffy Gymnastics Mats 

– Soft, denim cover
– Perfect for repetitious skill work and timers
– No slap or sting on landings
– Lightweight and easy to move
– Not intended for home use

Mancino Training Ideas! Thank you to all who entered.

What is your most creative non-preschool use for a Mancino Fluffy Mat?


Tumble Bee Gym, Hamburg, NY


Flying High Sports & Rec Center, Countryside, IL


Legends Gymnastics, North Andover, MA


Bella Rose Gymnastics Monticello, IN


Artistic Motion Greensboro, NC

Preschool- (floating wall) place the mat upright. It is braced with mats on the other side. A net is draped over the the mat (simulating a rock climbing wall). A ladder is placed on the other side of the mat. The child acts like a fireman climbing up the ladder, jump over the wall(mat) to the other side and continue the maze. Same ideas used with the mat placed under a high bar without the ladder. (B) net rope on one side of bar in an angle and mat on other side of bar in angle. Climb up the net and slide down mat. Martial Arts/Parkour- place mat against a wall. Run up the mat and flip. As a floating wall, flip over the mat. Gymnastics- (A)place mat in front of vault. Vault over mat placing hands onto vault to complete a skill. Strength/Condition- place mat against wall. Kids walk across the mat with hands (increase body tightness and grip strength) Tumbling-back handspring drill- mat is used instead of resi-pit. Standing on floor. Jump back towards mat with back hitting mat landing back onto the floor. Cheerleaders- Jumping drills on the mat, on/off mat pediatric rehab- With the graphics like fish/ocean. kids place items with similar textures and attach or remove items that are attach to the mat. Good for Sensory Disorders.

All Around Gymnastics Center Jackson, MI

We would like to use the fluffy mat for a backhandspring drill we like to do on the trampoline. We would put the fluffy mat on our tramp leaving a little bit a space for the gymnast to stand on the tramp. Then she would backhandspring up onto the fluffy mat, stop in her handstand and fall to her stomach. This really helps our gymnasts feel what their bodies are doing in the middle of their skill (whether it is a correct handstand position or not). The fluffy mat would make it a little bit more challenging for our gymnasts to have to jump up onto it. Also, it would be a more comfortable and forgiving way of landing on their stomach rather than using a regular 8 inch hard mat or just the trampoline itself, especially for girls who might be loose and out of control.

Head Over Heels Polson, MT

Set beside the low beam, the Mancino Fluffy Mat would catch my level 4s as they fall flat on their backs from their “cartwheel to handstand” in order to improve their dismount technique.

Parson Tumbling & Trampoline Parsons, KS

I would use this for belly turning drills. I have girls learning roundoffs that can never seem to visualize a flat belly on the back side of a roundoff. I have been using a squishy wedge mat to do the half turn to handstand and fall straight to belly landing in superman on the wedge. It is a very fun way for kids to visualize and get instant feedback if they are turning properly, ie. Landing on side, feet apart, etc. The one complaint I have with the drill is some of our wedges are too firm. This mat would be perfect for this drill.

Kennett Gymnastics Goshen, NY

Timber! After teaching gymnasts body tightening drills in warm-up, line up gymnasts next to Fluffy Mat with their back facing mat. Make sure there is enough room between gymnasts. They are “like trees in the forest”. Have students cross arms and tuck in chins to prepare for flat back fall on to Fluffy Mat.

Winingers Gymnastics Manchester, CT

We actually use this for preteam thru level 3 to work on mill circles. There is no assistive device to help gymnasts do these other than the coach spotting. Once they get the skill, you may often see the kids miss and fall to their back. This is the best and safest cushion to safely break their fall….great mat!

South County YMCA St. Louis, MS

These are my absolute favorite mats! And we need a new one for our gym!! My favorite bar drill with this mat is for flyaways! I raise the low bar and a few feet a way I put a big spotting block. I lean a sturdy mat against it at an angle and set the fluffy mat on top. They tap swing towards the mat, let go and land on the angled mat in a candlestick and then the backwards roll down the hill. It really teaches them to wait til they feel the candlestick before the flip. The girls love it!!! One other drill I love is to put teo tall spotting blocks about shoulder width apart and then the fluffy mat behind it. I have them run, punch and then do a front layout with their arms out like airplanes so they flip over their shoulders. I have them over rotate to their bellies that way they really feel the heel drive. Everyone loves face planting the fluffy mats!!

Harford Gymnastics Joppa, MD

We love to help the children build self trust, so we use a soft mat like this to have the child stand with their back up against it as a teacher holds the mat up vertical (on it’s edge). Then 1-2-3 the teacher drops the mat flat and the child is to keep their entire body against the mat and fall backwards straight body with the mat landing so they land on top of the mat.The instructional students (ages 7-12yrs old) LOVE THIS!

Paragon Boys Team @ All-Pro Gymnastics Elkridge, MD

For pre-school, there are so many great uses!!! We use it as a back holder for beginning headstands, a landing zone of a small round trampoline for shape work, and as a landing surface next to trampoline when we are teaching seat drops, stomach drops, and back drops. This mat is perfect for almost everything! For bar timers, we put it to take away the sting when first learning geigners and yaegers. Works great for flat-back drills for beginning fly-aways as well!! For vault, it’s also useful for tsuk timers, yurchenko timers, etc. We even use these in the pits for first time double backs, and multiple twisting elements. One of the best mats ever in my opinion.

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CA RESIDENTS: California Proposition 65 Warning
WARNING: THIS SOFT LANDING MAT IS NOT A TOY. Any activity involving motion, height, or rotation may cause serious injury. This product is intended for use by properly-informed participants under the supervision of qualified trained professionals. Always consult an instructor before use, and check for proper mat positioning before activity. Always know your physical limitations, and the limits of the equipment. Always avoid head and/or neck landings. Do not use this product if defects in cover or foam are evident.

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