Gym Donut Halves Set

Mancino Donut halves are excellent Skill builders for your pre-school or younger tumblers classes. Great for Tunnels, games and introducing new skills. Pair with a in-ground free-foam pit and incorporate forward and backward rolls. (coach-assissted) See the training tab below for more great tumbling ideas.

Pictured: Outside Color– Purple, Side Color- Orange, Inside Color- Pool Blue

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Gym Donut Halves

Half the donut can be twice as useful for tumbling and walkover practice, rocking and balance exercises, seesawing, and crawling. Mancino Donut Halves securely attach with Hook and Loop tapes. Our premium foam grade makes the difference!

18″H x 52″ diameter half \ 30″H x 52″ whole

Fun PE or Preschool additions include:

    • Tunnel in obstacle course
    • Goal post for handball or hockey
    • Rocker races
    • Jumping hill for obstacle course
    • Donut races to the finish line

Tell us your most creative use for the Mancino Donut Halves Set!

1) WINNER! CeCe Foley from Bright Stars Academy, Egg Harbor Township,NJ


2) Judiann Georgevich from Fitness Flippers Gymnastics, Liberty, NCFun to use with our circus theme week. Attach red cellophane in strips around the opening, roll through the “ring of fire”! Can also use blue cellophane the same way during beach week and you can swim through the ocean.


3) Trisha B. from Aerials East Gymnastics, Colorado Springs, CO

I would use the donut halves for a parkour drill. I would Velcro the halves together to make the donut. Stand it up and have the athlete run, jump on a mini tramp (or off a tumble track) and dive through the whole into a pit or resi pit (diving through and rolling out). I have seen our boys classes try this same drill with a vaulting safety zone (stood upright with a coach holding it), but I like the donut better because the safety zone needs to stay more protected from wear and tear. The donut could stand up to repetitive use and stand upright more on its own. What a fun mat!


4) Aka Landschoot from Budo Full Range Martial Arts, Voorhees, NJ

Donut rides!!! Put the halves together. Flip so it’s on outside round side. Have child sit in the middle grabbing pressing with hands and pressing with feet to wedge themselves into it. Coach rolls the donut to another coach about 10 meters. We use it for a game at the end of class… Benefits include simulate rolling/flipping inertia. Plus tightening core and strengthening extensors for pressing with legs and arms.


5) Echo Balliett-Legge from West Side Gymnastics Academy LLC, Seattle, WA

In our gym for one of our pre-school obstacle courses, “Back to the Beach” theme to be exact, we separate the halves and flip them convex sides up. We place a panel mat so it spans the gap between the halves. We have now transformed our donut halves into a surf board. SURF’S UP!


6) Linda Lebo from Giant Gymnastics, Hackettstown, NJ

I use them to teach dive rolls from a spring board onto a resi pit. Put the donut in front of the spring board and onto the resi. Children dive roll over, helps them to get their dolphin shape. I also use them together at b-day parties. the children roll their friends in them across the floor. they are great for teaching cartwheels or just the preschoolers like to rock in them.


7) Casey Koenig of Greater Toledo YMCA Gymnastics Center, Perrysburg, OH

We hook them together, make a “track” out of two rows of folded panel mats placed end to end with just enough room for the donut to roll between them. We call it the “Hamster Wheel” and kids power it up and down inside the track. Use other panel mats or spotting blocks at both ends as “stops” and make it as long as you want.


8) Jennifer Packard from Giant Gymnastics, Hackettstown, NJ
We use balance boards/wobble boards with our older rec gymnasts and tumblers. When the preschoolers see them balancing on these boards they want to try so badly! Since the boards are not age appropriate for them, we turn a donut half upside down and hold their hands while they “surf” on the mat. Not only does it work their core strength and balance coordination, it makes them feel like the big kids too!


9) Chris Zimmerman from Ricochets Gymnastics
Here’s a great training video sent into us from Ricochets showcasing an awesome use for our Mancino Donut Halves mats!

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