Mancino Gym Mailbox

The Mancino Mailbox is a popular and versatile progressive skill builder for all types of programs in your gym. It can be used in preschool gymnastic classes all the way up to elite levels. Challenge the little ones with obstacle courses and your older athletes with strength training and drills.

From: $289.00

Mancino Gym Mailbox

A favorite among the Progressive Skill Builders, the Mancino Mailbox will contribute fun to your program. Have your preschoolers use their muscles by simply climbing over it, or set it up as a drill on floor to teach your lower level compulsories a Dive Roll. Please choose from one solid or two contrasting colors.

Dimensions: 16″ x 36″ x 20″H.

1 Solid Color (color 1 & 2 match) OR
2 Contrasting Colors (color 1 & 2 vary)

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