500 No-Top-Return Removable Stage Padding

Our 500 Series No-Top Return stage padding  provides and easily moveable option to protect Stages in Gymnasium/ Activity Room settings.

The 500 Series comes with 16 oz. vinyl to assist with durability/wear along with 2″ crosslinked polyethylene foam for safety.


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500 No-Top-Return Removable Stage Padding

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A. Basis-of-Design Product: Subject to compliance with requirements. Provide Mancino Manufacturing Company model 504.

B. Removable safety wall padding manufactured in 2-in-thickness. Each mat is sewn with loop attachment along horizontal edge for connection to YKK® engineered wall hook and rail system. Covering is an 16 -oz. / yd2 vinyl coated polyester. Filler is firm crosslinked polyethylene foam.

    1. Foam Filler: 2-inch Cross-Linked (50.8-mm-) thick foam 2-lb/ ft3 (32-kg/ m3) density. Meets ASTM standard 2440-04 Impact attenuation where the panel has achieved ratings below 1000 HIC and 200 g max.
    2. Covering: 16 -oz. / yd2 Vinyl Coated Polyester. UV and Anti-Mildew treated.

C. Sizing: Each Project will be carefully considered and custom sizing applied to fulfill your needs. *Combination of lengths may be required to complete area.

D. Color(s) of vinyl to be selected from manufactures standard color packet

E. Installation: Comply with manufacturers written instructions, Refer to Architects elevation drawings for mat placement. Mount mat bottom even with finished floor. Install removable stage padding after painting and electrical has been completed.

    1. YKK® engineered wall hook and rail system mounts directly to stage top lying flat and running along stage edge

F. Adjusting:

      1. Final adjustment of panels to insure a smooth finished appearance
      2. Clean and remove any debris from the working area
      3. Spot clean panels as may be necessary



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