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How to clean and sanitize your gym mats

How to clean and sanitize your gym mats
By Rebecca Mancino November 13, 2018

You’ve seen Team Mancino at Gymnastics Meets...de-chalking and mopping the competition landing mats and skill cushions between sessions to make everything perfect for the next groups of gymnasts. Clean mats matter when flu season is about to hit!

infographic how to clean and sanitize your gym mats

Sweep away all loose chalk with a soft, short bristle broom.

Collect loose chalk in dust pan and discard.

Mix up a batch of Simple Green d Pro 3** (follow directions on package) in your Garden Sprayer. This is a great product to disinfect without leaving a “filmy” residue. Also have the peace of mind that it kills virtually any virus, bacteria or fungus it comes in contact with!

Spray the mats. Cover them lightly but thoroughly.

Mop the mats immediately. Large mats may call for you to step on the mats to get the centers. Mop this area first and work your way out. Nothing's worse that having to do double work!

We've assembled the best cleaning system mops and heads to take the guesswork out! View it here.

You'll find amazing results when above the steps are performed on a regular basis. Your clean mats will impress athletes, coaches and parents! With allergies, influenza and general health issues are on the line, keeping your mats clean and sanitized is your first step to healthy staff and students!

** readily available at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart.

Additional Pointers:

-Do not reuse dirty mop heads as your mats will appear “chalk-smeared”.

-A general rule where to start in your gym: We start our cleaning at Beam Mats and end at the Chalky Bar Mats.

-Don’t forget skill cushions, throw mats and spotting blocks!

-Remove the dirty mop heads and gather for washing after every use. We wash ours in HOT water with two Scoops of Oxy Clean Laundry Detergent Booster and two cups of White Vinegar. Pop into dryer (without a dryer sheet! Dryer sheets take away the ability for fabrics to be absorbent) and take them back to the gym.