Mancino and Full Circle Finance have teamed up to offer you great leasing terms on any gymnastics equipment needs your business may have with easy finance terms.

We use a simple, online application and can usually have an answer for you the same day you apply. Once approved, we work out your payment options in advance then let you decide which term will cash-flow best for your Business. We exchange documents via e-mail then pay Mancino directly for your order. The entire process and quick and easy.

We have a “wide credit window” and offer finance options for A, B and C credit customers. We work with over 30 different underwriters and strive to get every customer approved. Usually, we can get customers approved with credit scores of 600 and above. BK’s are no problem if the customers have reestablished their credit and 2 years has passed. We also offer financing up to $100K for startup businesses. 

Full Circle is a commercial finance company which means our contracts are in your business’s name rather than your personal name. This allows you to write off your payments while establishing your businesses’ commercial credit at the same time. Because these contracts are in your business’s name, the payments will not show up on the owner’s personal credit reports, so your debt-to-income ratios are not affected.

Lastly, in most cases your business gets a great tax write-off on the payment as well. It costs nothing to apply, and if you are not happy with your approval you are under no obligation to move forward.  So, start shopping for Balance Beams, Landing Mats, Inclines, Octagons, Wall Padding and More!

Please feel free to contact Cyndy with any questions If you’re ready to get approved for your Mancino order, this link will take you to our online application: