Trust the Mancino Gymnastics Meet Process

Gymnastics Meet photo

Do you ever wonder what goes into a Mancino Meet? We start game-planning like each set up and execution of the equipment is our super bowl. With Meet season coming up, know that if you’re meet is outfitted with Mancino, you’re in good hands.

Pre-Meet Planning: To do so we determine our field of play-the actual competition space, the size of the room, the amount of gymnastics equipment required, the level of meet competition, the order of events, the surface we are setting up on, how seating is arranged, and a number of other factors are essential in arranging the gym equipment layout.

For set up, we need a clear space (does not include bleachers, or other obstacles) with a minimum of 102’ in at least one direction, as this is the total length of a competitive vault runway and minimum vault mat set up for behind the vault (Ideally this length would be even longer to allow a buffer between the end of the landing mat and a wall) For the width we like to say 102’ minimum again, as it allows for more options in laying out the space. Set ups can be done with less than the minimum measurements mentioned above, but usually one will be larger than the minimum in these cases.

Once the measurements have been determined and submitted, Mancino creates a digital (CAD) rendition of the layout. Once the layout is approved, the next phase of planning begins as await the gymnastics meet weekend!

The unload plan: Through the years Mancino has seen many unique unload areas. Lots of questions are asked in determining the best way to get our gymnastics equipment into the facility. Is there a loading dock? Is the room being loaded into at ground level? How far away is the unloading area to the gym? Do we need to move the trucks from where they are unloaded? Are there curbs? How big are the doors? What time are the volunteers arriving and how much help will you have?

With a fleet of trailers, drivers, and set up crews, the gymnastics meet team determines which of each will be suited best per location, and await set up day.

The Set-up: Upon arrival, our crews will show up with multiple layout copies, tape measures, and implements to mark where each piece of competition equipment will set up for the weekend. Once the competition area is marked according to the drawings, the trailers are backed in, and we begin the unload. Typically, Mancino sends 2-3 employees with each trailer; the remainder of the help comes from the brave parents that volunteer to be a part of the process! These volunteers make a huge contribution to the pace in which a set-up runs. A single truck set-up typically takes 2-3 hours. For every separate gym you see, Mancino has sent 1 truck. So for smaller gymnastics meets, one or two trucks will do; but for larger invitationals, Mancino in the past has sent up to 5 trucks to one single event!

Your Mancino Meet: The morning of the competition, the Mancino team arrives and does one last equipment inspection, and sets up chalk stands and water bottles. During the event, the Mancino team is available for assistance with any gymnastics equipment needs. Between each session, the Mancino team members use their tried-and-true gymnastics mat cleaning process to ensure that the gym looks good as new for each new group of gymnasts. This is not only important to help prolong the life of the equipment (not only for our whole meet season, but for those who buy the Mancino demos) but also because we believe that each session is just as important for the athletes, as the session before it was. Once cleanings are completed, the Mancino team will move equipment as necessary, depending on the level of competition. This process repeats as many times as you can hit play on the compulsory music. Once every athlete has competed and the awards have been handed out, the breakdown begins.

Breakdown: After the meet, breakdown and load-in are a bit of science for Mancino. Each truck has an identical load-in to make sure each piece will make it to its next destination. To do this, there are again 2-3 Mancino team members present, who are accompanied by volunteers from the host gym. Lots of heavy moving of mats and pallets and a few hours later as we look back into an empty gym, its like we were never even there!

If you have any questions about any particular step Mancino takes to make sure your gymnastics meet is the best it can be, please contact us as