Gymnastics training with flor and wall mat

Wall Padding Basics 2024

The ultimate purpose of wall padding is to protect against serious injury if your athlete were to accidentally run, trip, stumble or collide into a hard surface such as a wall, door, stage or other obstacle. Without a protective layer…
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Mancino and Full Circle Finance have teamed up to offer you great leasing terms on any gymnastics equipment needs your business may have with easy finance terms. We use a simple, online application and can usually have an answer for…
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How to clean and sanitize your gym mats

You’ve seen Team Mancino at Gymnastics Meets…de-chalking and mopping the competition landing mats and skill cushions between sessions to make everything perfect for the next groups of gymnasts. Clean mats matter when flu season is about to hit! You’ve seen…
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Gymnastics Meet photo

Trust the Mancino Gymnastics Meet Process

Do you ever wonder what goes into a Mancino Meet? We start game-planning like each set up and execution of the equipment is our super bowl. With Meet season coming up, know that if you’re meet is outfitted with Mancino,…
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Photo of coach spottng gymnast on uneven bars

What are your most essential training mats?

Think about it. You are involved in gymnastics or cheer classes all day, training multiple age and skill level athletes and you have 5 mats that you can choose from for training aids. Which do you choose and why? Mancino…
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5 Gymnastics Coaching Tips for Beginners

Do you have brand new students in your class who don’t quite understand the fundamentals of gymnastics? Here are 5 tips to help make the learning process easier! Great for any age newbies! Back to Basics! Teach the basic terms.…
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5 Tips for Preschool Gymnastics Teachers

Coaching a preschool gymnastics class can be exciting, fun, and sometimes, stressful! Here are my top 5 tips to keeping your energetic young gymnasts on task and excited to come to their gymnastics class! Keep it moving! Your younger gymnastics…
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5 Important Concepts when Teaching a Yurchenko

Are your gymnasts finally ready to start training the Yurchenko vault? Here are 5 important concepts and techniques that you won’t want to skip over! 1. Long Hurdle into the Round Off. A lot of times when gymnasts see the…
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mancino tumble trainers for back handsprings

5 Important Body Shapes to Teach Your Gymnasts

Here are 5 important body shapes that your gymnasts should definitely learn and perform correctly to ensure proper gymnastics and injury prevention! Pushing Through Shoulders Often times we see our gymnasts trying skills like back walk overs, back handsprings, or…
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Girl on low beam

Summer Gymnastics Training at home – Equipment Dos and Don’ts

Training in the summer is important to keep gymnast’s skills strong and ready for the upcoming season. No matter the age of your athlete, Mancino has options for practicing beginner to advanced skills.* Here are 5 dos and don’ts for…
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