5 Gymnastics Coaching Tips for Beginners

Do you have brand new students in your class who don’t quite understand the fundamentals of gymnastics? Here are 5 tips to help make the learning process easier! Great for any age newbies!

Back to Basics! Teach the basic terms.

Girls and boys who have never taken a gymnastics class before may not know a lot of the basic terms used every day in gymnastics. It is important to explain the basic terms like going on high toe, hurdling, pointing their toes etc. so they have a better understanding when you instruct them to do certain skills and how to fix those skills. The Mancino Catnastics Mats are great teachers for additional term teaching.

Mancino Catnastics Positions | Beginner Gymnastics Positions | Gymnastics Terms

Lay down the Law! Rules of your gym.

It is helpful to your new students if they are clear of the rules of your gym before they start their first class. If you don’t want water bottles or shoes on the gym floor, let them know!

Do it Again! Constant reminders.

If you have a new student, they need to be constantly reminded about everything! Remind them of the skills and rules of the gym as well as what they are supposed to be doing on a certain station or event. Make sure they have these concepts and rules stuck in their heads!

What is it? Gymnastics mats and equipment.

Knowing the difference between incline mats, spotting blocks, octagon mats, and other types of equipment will help when you direct them to go to certain stations or if they are helping you to set up your drills! You can’t ask your gymnasts to go to the station with the “8-incher” if they don’t know what it is!

Body and Coordination Awareness!

It is very important to teach your new gymnasts body awareness and how to use certain muscles and parts of their bodies! If they have never had to point their feet or straighten their knees before, they may not have the muscle coordination yet to do so easily. It’s always important to revisit the basics!