What are your most essential training mats?

Photo of coach spottng gymnast on uneven bars

Think about it. You are involved in gymnastics or cheer classes all day, training multiple age and skill level athletes and you have 5 mats that you can choose from for training aids. Which do you choose and why? Mancino posed this question recently and the answers were spot on.

4'x8' folding mat

4′ x 8′ Folding Mat

“I have never practiced or coached an event where folding mats weren’t necessary for at least one thing on that event. Folding mats are so versatile and can be used for so many different types of drills and skills.”

8 incher skill cushion by mancino

8″ x 5′ x 10′ Skill Cushion

“Our 8-incher can be used anywhere and is really the workhorse of the gym. Whether it’s being used to land on or to perform drills, this thickness is perfect for tumbling low falls, but not too heavy to move around to different stations.”

36" x 72" Folding Incline Mat

36″ x 72″ Folding Incline Mat

“We use our incline pretty much all over the gym but especially in our preschool stations. The size is just right for our smaller gymnasts when training forward rolls. It being a folding incline means it takes up less of a footprint and can be used as an impromptu spotting block too.”

fluffy mats by mancino

Fluffy Mat

“Our gym loves our fluffy mat. It’s the softest mat we have and the gymnasts really like using it when learning new skills. It usually ends up being used most during uneven bar training but if they had their way, we’d use it everywhere.”

mancino spotting blocks

Spotting Block

“As a coach we always need to be able to spot tumblers especially when they are learning news skills. This one is really a great size overall and definitely our favorite.”

Which Mancino Mat is your favorite and why?