Summer Gymnastics Training at home – Equipment Dos and Don’ts

Girl on low beam

Training in the summer is important to keep gymnast’s skills strong and ready for the upcoming season. No matter the age of your athlete, Mancino has options for practicing beginner to advanced skills.* Here are 5 dos and don’ts for buying and utilizing gymnastics mats for home use!

Do: Training Shapes!

Inclines, octagons, and tumble trainers are a few great examples of gymnastics training shapes that could be used in your home! Check out some more options!

Don’t: Landing Mats!

Skill cushions, landing mats, and competition landing mats are typically made for bigger spaces and used in gyms or at gymnastics competitions. They generally do not fold up or store easily in smaller places.** These products should only be used in a controlled setting with appropriate staff spotting.

Do: Folding Mats!

Folding gym mats come in a variety of sizes and colors and fold up for easy storage! They can be used to learn and perform many different types gymnastics skills and exercises!

gymnast doing push ups with mancino parallettes

Don’t: Wrong Size Items!

A lot of the gymnastics mats fit for at home training come in a variety of other sizes. Don’t buy the wrong size! You don’t want anything too big or too small. If you are unsure of the perfect size, you should ask your athlete’s coach.

Do: Preschool Mats!

Most of Mancino’s preschool gymnastics products are the perfect size for a lot of homes and good choices for your young gymnasts in training! From Mancino cartwheel mats to foam training beams, your little gymnasts will have a blast training at home!

* Mancino recommends that any skill training be done in a controlled environment with coaches and trainers present for safety.