Keep this in mind when choosing a gymnastics meet site Keep this in mind when choosing a gymnastics meet site

As gymnastics meet season comes to an end, many of us rejoice, but gymnastics meet directors are on the prowl, looking for host facilities that can accommodate their dates, and their size. If you are one of those meet directors, or considering the thought of hosting a meet, take a read through the information below.

Seating Competition Area = Your Site.
The seating is ultimately determined by the number of spectators expected while the competition area is dictated only by the equipment needs. A modified capital cup meet will require two sets of uneven parallel bars, two balance beams, two vault set ups, a tumble strip, and a spring floor. The total combined footprint of all of this equipment is 6,350 square feet. So a recommended facility would be no less than 10,000 square feet, with at least 100’ in one direction, to allow for full vault set up.

How’s it all getting inside?

Is there a garage door? Only a single door (this could be a problem!) Double doors (can the center bar come out)? A loading dock (dock height?) Most vendors will supply their equipment in a 53’ tractor trailer, sufficient space is required to get a truck close to the load-in point. Consider the parking lot situation in this as well.

Flooring matters.

Will the facility require a cover to be put down on the floor? Mancino meets are set up using weights on a pallet system; some other vendors will use water. A small leak in a water jug that goes unnoticed could do permanent damage to a hardwood floor.

It’s Electric
This is important for your scoring, judging, and music. Consider is there enough amperage to support all of what you will be plugging in, and are there outlets in accessible locations.

Lighting up the competition.
Your athletes need have good lighting to safely perform, and your judges need good lighting to see that performance. Also consider natural lighting. This can be a plus but also a negative if a shadow is created or the sun shining through a window makes it difficult to see.

Hot Seat.

Bleachers or chairs. Does the facility supply your tables and chairs? Or will you have to rent?

Who’s keeping score?
Will there be a two judge panel or four judges? Even in the early stages of vetting site selection, these are important things to keep in mind.

The best advice we here at Mancino can give; Have a plan going in, preferably a layout drawing of your meet with measurements in advance. This way you know everything will fit the way you want it to, and know who will be there to help make your gymnastics meet run smooth.

If you have any questions about your gymnastics meet, or would like to be quoted on a Mancino Meet, email